General FAQ

  • (1) Why to purchase Pre-made Responsive Landing Page templates?

    Pre-made Responsive Landing Page Design are for those people who just want to select a great responsive design template, drop in their content and pics in and be done with it.

  • (2) Do you provide maintenance, domain and hosting service?

    No, We don’t provide any maintenance, domain or hosting services.

  • (3) What images do you use for your Landing Pages templates?

    We use royalty free stock images from pixabay, pexels and unsplash etc.

  • (4) I need some edits done on the responsive landing page template I purchased, how much you will charge for the edits?

    Customization charge depends upon requirements, you can email us your customization requirements through our website Get a GET A FREE QUOTE.

  • (5) How do I make the form work?

    We suggest to buy DEVELOPER PURCHASE get working Contact Form. you save time and no need developer help.

  • (6) What is your refund policy?

    We follow non refundable policy as mentioned in our website terms and conditions page.

  • (7) Do you offer any discount offers?

    Yes, you can stay updated for the latest news, discount offers by subscribing to our newsletter.

  • (8) Will you upload the landing page or website templates files to my server?

    No, we don’t provide any type of installation service.

  • (9) Can I edit the responsive landing page template I purchased?

    Yes, you can edit your purchased responsive landing page template according to your requirements.

Purchase and Download FAQ

  • (1) How do I purchase a responsive landing page template from

    You can create a FREE account with and add any responsive landing page template you like to purchase to your shopping cart and purchase it with your paypal payment method.

  • (2) Which source files in purchasing a responsive landing page website template?

    Source files are mentioned with each responsive landing page template you can find the source file included on buy now page of the responsive landing page template you want to purchase.

  • (3) Where I will get my purchased responsive landing page template download link?

    You will get your purchased responsive landing page template download from your account Downloads option.

  • (4) How many times will the download link work?

    The download link will work for life times.

  • (5) Can I make a bulk purchase?

    Yes, you can make a bulk purchase.

  • (6) Do I get a bulk purchase discount?

    Yes, if you want to make a bulk purchase of 5 designs and above you can surely ask for your discount.

  • (7) I want to purchase a responsive landing page template but I cannot make payment via the methods on the website?

    In that case you can let us know and we will try to find some alternate options.

  • (8) Do you include form validation with landing page template?

    No, form validation is not included with the landing page template. If you need form validation done then you can contact us with your requirements and we will let you know quotation for your form validation service.

  • (9) What do you mean by Regular Purchase and Developer Purchase?

    Regular purchase – By making a regular purchase you get the right to edit, use, store the design, but you cannot sale, re-sale, distribute or showcase the designs as your portfolio and you are required to keep the footer link intact which provides credit to the website. (Eg. Designed by

    You can use the purchased template on only 1 domain. If you want to use the same template on more than 1 domain, then you need to choose developer purchase.

    Developer Purchase – On Developer Purchase you can use the template on up to 3 domains with edits, but you cannot sell it, resell it or distribute it. You need to keep the footer credit link. (Eg. Designed by

  • (10) What do you mean by “Remove or change footer link” on buy now page of landing page design or website template?

    If you select the “Remove or change footer link” option then you get the right to remove or change the footer credit link from the landing page design or website template purchased by you.

  • (11) What rights do I get on Regular Purchase of Landing Pages and website template?

    You get right to edit it, use it, store it but no RESELL Rights also on regular purchase you need to keep the designed by link on footer unless you purchase the footer credit link right.

  • (12) I purchased a Responsive Landing Page Design but haven’t got download link to my account?

    If you made the payment yet you haven’t received the download link on your account please contact us with transaction id and we will assist you as soon as possible.

  • (13) I purchase a responsive landing page template and I receive the download link but the link isn’t working. How can I get it working?

    The download link is active for life times, so if you haven’t already downloaded the files and the link isn’t working then you can contact us.

  • (14) What is the difference between regular license and developer’s license?

    Regular licence give you the right to use the design on 1 domain only and developer’s license gives you the right to use the design on upto 3 domains.

  • (15) If I purchase a responsive landing page template, will it be a one time payment or a monthly charge?

    It is a one time payment only, there is no monthly or hidden charges.

  • (16) I purchased a design using eCheque but my download link is not working?

    Your download link will be activated once your eCheque is cleared.

  • (17) what do you mean by form validation not included mentioned on the buy now page of a template?

    It means that if the design contains a lead capture form then you will need to get it validated or use auto responder code to receive leads to your email and it is not included with the files you are purchasing.

Custom Design Service FAQ

  • (1) What custom design services do you provide?

    We provide custom design services like Responsive Landing Page Design , PPV LP , Customization , Facebook Cover , Logo Design etc. You can check all custom design services we provide here :

  • (2) What are your custom design charges?

    Custom design charges depend upon your requirements, you can request a FREE quote for you custom design project with your detailed requirements and we will get back to you with quote.

  • (3) What is normal turnaround time?

    Normally turnaround time is 2 to 3 business days.

  • (4) What is your payment policy?

    Payment policy is 50% upfront and rest 50% before coding.